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Uhm fuck you…like really just fuck you. To compare this person to a bully is completely and utterly nonsensical patriarchal bullshit foolackery and you should go ingest your nose with cinnamon for sharing said opinion.

She’s a bully because she hit a guy who screamed rape threats at a woman. FUCK YOU. I hate your face you salty, bear trap fucking fucker. You look pressed as hell in these gifs.

if we start hitting dudes in the face for making rape jokes maybe they’ll stop trying to normalize rape

Any time I see a dude saying this shit about this girl I just assume they’ve made a rape joke or threat and don’t want to deal with possibly being punched in the face. 

why is it so often the white men who are more concerned with ‘violet’ responses to oppressive systems than they are w/the violence that the systems condone, enact, & perpetuate?

as someone who has been called a ‘bully’ for adamantly not putting up w/oppression (racism, in my case) I say Yogi Four Eyes here (I’ve worn glasses all my life, so it’s not racist when I call him ‘four eyes’) needs a a blunt object to the nose.

“bear trap fucking fucker” goes into my list of insults

Every time I see someone say she shouldn’t have punched him over this all I can think is, “What if he was actually going to do something? What if he meant whatever the fuck he was saying and he was going to take advantage of the fact the other girl was drunk? What if he was actually going to rape her?” So dickheads can call her a bully but I can’t help but think she very well may have saved someone else from something horrible.

Would she have known for sure if he meant whatever he was saying? Did she really know if the other person’s life was in danger? Why the fuck would that matter? So you can’t prove it one way or the other, so what? Why take that chance? Why risk what the guy could have done to the other person if he was serious?

To me it wasn’t about punching someone for saying something you don’t like, to me it was punching someone who very well might have pushed it further. To me it was making someone think twice before they say something that they could have meant or could have put the idea in someone’s head. To me it was punching someone who said the type of shit that makes so many people I know afraid to walk alone at night. So excuse me for being happy that I am hearing about some jerk getting punched in the face instead of hearing about him having raped someone.


This reminds me of that Assata Shakur quote about how no one in history has ever obtained their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of their oppressors. While this type of situation requires a looser definition of oppressed/oppressor, it’s still relevant because, fuck, I’m quite tired of the “you won’t get your way if you’re uncivil and we won’t respect you if you get too angry over this” bullshit nonsense. Good for her! I hope the asshole felt the bruise for weeks.

You festering mutant noisehole. Waah waaah we’re silencing the dudes perpetuating rape culture threatening women with sexual violence and making them feel unsafe, waaaaah my rights my oppressions, weeeeeh weeeeh my white dude fee-fees

I couldn’t say any better what anyone above said, so I’ll just add that this dude is a pissant troglodyte.

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